A Hometown Feeling. Comfortable, Familiar, & Relaxed!

Our new name reflects our heart to keep a hometown feeling that is comfortable, familiar and relaxed. ‘A’delaide, Australia is Brenton’s hometown and apolis is an ode to Cristy’s life-time residence in the Minne’apolis’ Saint Paul area and the place we both now call home. 

Home dining room

[A]delaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia is one of the world’s most livable cities. Known as the “City of Churches,” it’s many parklands that surround the city center, festivals, sandy beaches, and award winning wine regions. It’s a city that’s passionate about their sport, and relaxed about their way of life. Brenton spent his formative years here, and the culture of Adelaide is reflected in how Brenton approaches life and his work.

34.9285 S 138.607 E

Home dining room

Minne[apolis], Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Life here revolves around the water. Minneapolis actually means “City of Lakes.” To many Americans, Minnesota is just another state in flyover country, somewhere near Canada. However, there’s much more here than winter and snow, and Minnesota’s Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul consistently rank as two of the United States’ top cities to live in. Cristy loves the outdoor culture (even in the winter), thriving art scene, exceptional healthcare and education, affordable prices, and friendly atmosphere that makes this Midwest metropolis a great place to call home.

44.9778 N 93.2650 W